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Guitarras Calliope, Modelo Orfeo"Guitarras Calliope" has been developed by Kai Heumann, an internationally renowned guitarist, and is manufactured under his guidance in Spain.  All guitars are handmade.

The final work on the guitar top and the neck is being made by Kai Heumann in Spain and Germany. 

His apprenticeship as a joiner benefited the guitar making as well as his many years  of experience in workshops of spanish luthiers.

Kai always perceived the dynamic extent and the size of a   conventional concert guitar as insufficiant. So he started to experiment with numerous corpus sizes, lumbers, bracings and neck forms.

The development of the Kingsize Concert Guitar "Modelo Orfeo" lasted all in all six years. The latest development is an extreme light Modelo Orfeo with a Cypress top in the style of a "Flamenca Blanca". The result is a full and warm Flamenco tone in a sound dimension that was never heard before.

In 2011 the brand "Guitarras Calliope" was arousing enthusiasm and admiration at the International Music Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Joscho Stephan received his "Joscho Stephan Signature" Model in March 2011. It is a Modelo Orfeo with Cedar top and Cutaway. The saddlewidth amounts to 48 mm. As all Modelos Orfeo the Joscho Stephan Signature Model is fitted with the revolutunary DCRN - System. (Double Carbon Reinforced Neck System). 

Hiscox Case, Guitarras Calliope

Guitarras Calliope Kingsize Models will be delivered with tuningmachines from Nicolò Alessi, Italy, and in white Hiscox-cases.

Our shop is located at the Old Market Place in Remscheid Lennep's wonderful Old Town. Remscheid is situated between Cologne and Dortmund.

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